Thanks to the snow day I had yesterday, I was inspired to make the “no knead bread” that was made famous by the New York Times and widely emailed since 2006 when it first appeared. I found a recipe that slightly modified the original based on previous experiences baking the bread and also had looked at others’ reviews. I keep forgetting that our oven is slightly warmer than most, so unfortunately, the bread was slightly overdone (at least on the outside). It was extremely hard for Noah to wait the hour after the bread is taken out of the oven before slicing and eating. 🙂

To go along with our long awaited bread, I also made some roast artichoke and baked garlic:

For the artichoke, I watched a video that Noah found here (watched their baked artichoke video and their how to prep an artichoke video). I drizzled the prepped artichoke with olive oil and salt, wrapped it in foil, and baked it in the toaster oven for 1 hour (425 degrees).

For the garlic, I peeled the extraneous layers until I got to just the cloves, cut off a 1/2 inch from the top, put it in a small oven safe bowl covered with foil and baked during the last 20 mins of the artichoke time. After I took out the artichoke, I lowered the temperature to 400, and baked for another 10 mins. Then, I had to remove the foil for another 10 to make sure it finished cooking. I think next time, I’ll just bake it at 400 for the 30-35 mins like you’re supposed to. This was my garlic guide.

I think we both determined our favorite accompaniment with the bread was WholeFoods 365 Olive Oil, and my runner up was the roast garlic.