The no-knead bread was supposed to accompany the leftover catfish stew I had made on Friday night, but it was too good that we ate it all before we had a chance to enjoy a meal of catfish stew. So, this morning, I thought maybe I could make a savory quick bread that we could use as bread for the stew. I found an oatmeal quick bread that looked promising. I don’t have whole wheat flour, so I substituted regular flour, and didn’t bother to ground up the oats.

My opinion: the bread was ok, not horrible, but just didn’t really taste like much. And, the texture was a bit too dense and dry for “stew bread.”

Husband’s opinion: TERRIBLE! Noah pretended to die as he tasted his one and only bite, and then frantically searched for somewhere to spit it out.

I think it would have been passable if I had added some raisins or something sweet, but then I wouldn’t want to eat it with stew.  Anyway, lesson learned.