Last weekend, after eating many very delicious but greasy meals, I was craving something simple, healthy and satisfying. I even searched google for recipes using those words, nothing really came up. So, I tried a new approach and tried to think of one ingredient that might satisfy these 3 adjectives. Somehow, I came up with leeks, which I actually have never cooked before.

Hence, I made a Leek, Spinach & White Bean Soup. It was good when it was fresh off the stove, but after heating some up for my  lunch today… not so yummy. It was just really bland and gross. 😦 But, at least I know how to prepare leeks now!

The meal was not a complete bust, however. I also made the most delicious baked potatoes ever. The secret is that the skin is rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with salt. Most excellent!