For Noah’s birthday yesterday, I made a dinner of mushroom-mashed potatoes, baked scallops and spinach salad.

For the mashed potatoes, I omitted the bacon and also added some sour cream and milk instead of ranch dressing. This was my favorite part of the meal. And when mixed with the vinegar from the salad dressing, even better! I think I’ll start adding a little vinegar to my mashed potatoes from now on.

The scallops were actually fairly healthy and Noah thought they were amazing! He even said I might be a better cook than him now. 🙂 I, however, didn’t really like the scallops. They had a strong taste of artificial shrimp flavoring to me (like what you taste when you eat shrimp flavored cup of noodles).  But, what matters is that Noah liked them. However, after heating up the leftovers today, the fake shrimp flavor was hardly noticeable, and I liked the leftovers. I think the weird flavor was either from the bread crumbs I used (perhaps there’s some preservative in there?) or from the bay scallops. If I cook scallops, I usually use sea scallops. This was my first time preparing bay scallops which are smaller, and maybe that was where the taste came from. However, the taste wasn’t really there when I ate the leftovers today.

Current food situation at the Chen House for now: Consume everything in our fridge before we leave for FRANCE in 1 week! We’ll see what we end up cooking/eating.