What a delightful meal! I’ve been getting bored of our usual baked or fried fish recipes, so I tried something new today, and was pleasantly surprised! I found a baked honey mustard salmon breaded with chopped pecans recipe and now have something new to add to our stock of meals. I used 2 tbsp of yellow mustard and 1 of dijon mustard. Also, I think you could substitute other nuts (almonds or walnuts) for the pecans.

I also made some roasted potatoes (mix the potatoes with olive oil, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper and a little balsamic vinegar and bake at 450 for 30 mins, and finally broil for another 5). We also found that the potatoes are really good with a bit of green onion sprinkled on top. And, to finish off the rest of our vegetables, another Mad Hatter Salad. This time, I chopped the cabbage bigger, which made for prettier colors, but created a good salad of unproportional vegetable sizes. The carrots were too finely shredded, the cabbage chunks too big, and the sunflower seeds somehow got lost in the mix.