This was Sunday and Monday’s breakfast. Not the prettiest thing in the world, nor the tastiest, but I was able to use up almost all the rest of the produce in the fridge, basically scallions, in preparation for a a bounty we’re getting from the local CSA. Our friends are out of town and we volunteered to take their share of locally farmed produce for the week. SO EXCITED (that I am cleaning out our fridge for this)! I already invited friends over for dinner on Wednesday to help us eat it all before we go out of town on Friday.

Anyway, back to the omelette. This is just a simple omelette with scallions, and then I added some soy sauce, furikake and cholula sauce on top. A decent  breakfast, but it really made me miss the Taiwanese scallion and turnip omelette my dad always makes. Yummm… If only we stored dried turnip in our pantry like my parents. OrI geuss this just means I’ll be bringing some home from their house after our trip. 🙂