Elby and Grace are out of town again, so we got some more beautiful, farm-fresh goodness. This week’s share:

*Cucumbers-1 pound Boothby Blonde/Poohna Keerna
* Cucumbers-slicing-1 each
* Summer Squash-1 pound
* Hot Peppers -2
* Sweet Peppers-3
* Basil-1 bunch.
* Walla Walla Onions-2
* Slicing Tomatoes-3 pounds
* Cherry Tomatoes-1 basket
* Bright Lights Swiss Chard-1 bunch
* Tomatillos-1 pound

Fruit Share
* 1 bag of Clapp Pears and Peaches
* 1 basket of Apricots

Here are some highlights…

Stay tuned for more farm-fresh cooking to come…