Last (as in not yesterday) weekend, we went camping. If you live in New York City, love camping, but don’t have a car may I recommend Malouf’s Mountain, located near Beacon, NY. We were able to bring our rolling cooler on the Metro-North train, then drop it off in the Malouf’s Mountain shuttle, who then dropped the cooler (along with our other bags) directly at our campsite for us — all while we were hiking in to the campsite ourselves with absolutely no luggage to carry!

Thanks to this very convenient system, we were able to easily bring our own supplies and cook meals at our campsite. If you don’t want to bring your own food, you can even purchase food from the campground, itself (so easy!).

How and What We Cooked:

our stove for the weekend

firewood Noah foraged from the forest (you can buy a bundle there, too)

Saturday Lunch – BLT & OC Sandwiches (O=onion, C=cheese)

from Trader Joe's

a yummy BLTOC, thanks mostly to TJ's groceries

Saturday Dinner – Acorn Squash, Steak, Baked Potatoes

It started getting too dark, so there aren’t pictures of everything. 😦 But, it was a really great camping meal!

Noah restarted our fire with leaves drenched in bacon grease (and apparently a giant log)

we cooked the acorn squash right in the fire (along with the baked potatoes, which didn't get photographed)

Acorn squash was Noah’s idea, and what a great idea it was! Because we cooked it directly in the fire, you had to avoid the charred outside, but inside was yum! We seasoned the squash with some of John’s maple syrup (excellent!) and some of our salt-pepper butter (we basically put butter, salt and pepper in a jar and melted it over the fire), also very good.

On the stove: steak, our pre-made salt-pepper butter, and dessert (wrapped in the foil)

The steak was also great, we very rarely cook or eat red meat, and I’ve come to really like just eating it plain, as long as you get good quality meat, it’s delicious.

Dessert – a John & Melissa Surprise!

I liked this dessert so much, it deserves its own section!

John & Melissa brought this down from their campsite above us and threw it on the fire. I had no idea what was inside, but it was a great idea and I was pleasantly surprised.

opening up our surprise

Baked apples with trail mix maple syrup!! Delicious!

Sunday Morning Breakfast – Bacon & Eggs

This breakfast was mostly just to use up what we had leftover. We had brought eggs to make steak and eggs the night before, but forgot about the eggs. And, we still had bacon from our lunch.

using up the rest of our bacon

The bacon was yummy (as usual). And then the only pan we really had was the skillet, which now had a pretty thick layer of bacon grease. So… Noah created deep-fried eggs. It actually wasn’t so bad, the guys seemed to like it a lot. I ate it, because it was there. But, I don’t think I’d really ever want to make it again. We also threw in random vegetables people had leftover (onions, tomatoes, bell peppers) for deep-frying. We did balance the fattiness of this breakfast with some of our friends’ oatmeal (also from TJ’s).

.... deep fried eggs 🙂

P.S. sorry for the blurriness of that last pic!