Wow, October is practically gone! I’ve been cooking and taking pictures, but sadly, not posting a single thing. So, here is the first of many belated posts.

The first half of this month I had a hankering for lots of red meat. So, week 1’s meals were all made with hanger steak.

Here is our oh-so-simple meal of steak and potatoes.

Noah seared the hanger steak and seasoned with just salt and pepper.

I made some baked potatoes (wash, poke holes with a fork, rub with olive oil and salt, cover in foil & bake for 60 mins at 350). We topped it with onions, white cheddar, butter, s & p.

And then we had some regular old salad on the side, with some really old dressing that tasted a little… well, old. Oh, and Noah fried up a tomato real quick. YUM! (aside from the old dressing)