The other day I attempted to make an egg salad sandwich for lunch. Problem was that I didn’t boil my eggs quite long enough (7 mins). It took me forever to peel because they were just slightly too soft, and then once cut, the yolks just ran all over the place. I blame my husband since he previously laughed at me for boiling eggs for waaay too long (2o mins, but for some reason I just can never remember how long you’re supposed to boil for).

Well, I improvised and was still determined to make my salad. Rather than use mayo, I just used the runny yolks as dressing, added some cayenne, salt and pepper, and then topped with some green onions. Oh, and I drizzled some mustard on a piece of toast before combining it with the eggs. I have to say the runny eggs made for an excellent egg salad. It was extremely delectable as the runny yolks seeped through the nooks and crannies of my toasted bread and oozed onto my hands and plate. Definitely something to eat at home with people you’re comfortable with, or, in my case, all alone with no one to laugh at you.