Apparently, February came and went and I failed to post a single thing on this page. If you must know, the month started with a trip to the picture-perfect island of St John in the US Virgin Islands:

When we travel, we try to stay in places with some type of kitchen so we can save some money and cook. So this vacation had us in a tent-cabin with a camping stove and later on, in a rented apartment with a kitchenette. We tried to keep things simple, so most of our meals consisted of rice, beans/corn/mixed vegetables (things that mostly came in cans) and fish.

Since the mahimahi we bought was freshly caught, it made for the most tender mahimahi I’ve ever had. For taste, we found some of Tony’s Creole Seasoning and sprinkled that on our fish. We also discovered canned sardines on this trip – pretty tasty and sardines are actually really good for you and are probably one of the most environmentally friendly fish out there. We came home and promptly stocked some in our pantry. Anyway, those were our cooking adventures in the Caribbean.