Although we live on the opposite coast of our biological families, we are blessed to have so many friends here in the city who we think of as family. They all provided us with so much love and food after Marcy’s arrival, that we pretty much had no need to cook or leave our apartment for almost two weeks! However, at about the two-week mark, we were getting a bit stir crazy and I decided to make lunch. Thank goodness for the freezer (from where our chicken came) and a bag of spinach that a friend had thoughtfully and unexpectedly brought over. We had the makings of a complete meal! By the way, cooking this meal felt insanely good and refreshing.

Amazing Chicken

Chicken: Brushed with a little mayo, sprinkled with a mix of bread crumbs, oregano, thyme, and basil, and then baked = amazing!
Salad: baby spinach, TJ’s New Zealand Sharp Cheddar (highly recommended), pecans, cranberries, pepitas, green onions.
Rice: rice.

Two nights later, Noah was inspired to make something involving fennel seed and came up with a really great Moroccan Chicken:

Moroccan Chicken

Not sure exactly what he did, but it involved lots of paprika and it was good!