Guava Juice

While shopping at the grocery store, I happened upon some Santa Claus melons. Not knowing what these were, I proceeded to smell them and realized that all I could smell were the guavas sitting right next to them. The guavas being so fragrant, I decided to buy some. My original plan was just to eat the fruit plain, but found out I wasn’t a big fan of the texture. Noah’s first instinct upon seeing the guavas was to make juice, by far the much better choice. Extremely refreshing on a hot summer day.

What we did:

1)      Pulse the guava, rind and all, in a food processor.

2)      Use a fine cheese cloth to strain and squeeze the juice out.

3)      Add a little water and sugar.

Mango Lassi

The following week, my fruit purchase were mangoes. I decided to try to make a lassi without really looking up what goes into a lassi. Mine was basically mangoes, greek yogurt and sugar. Pretty good, but not as good as the guava juice.