We’ve begun experimenting with coconut oil recently. So far, we’ve discovered that it’s delicious on toast. I’ve also since learned that it’s the magic ingredient in Magic Shell chocolate. However, the most amazing thing about coconut oil is that it prevents anything from sticking to the pan.

For the last few months, Noah has been trying to find a fool-proof way to make crispy, over-easy eggs that come off the pan easily. He even bought an infra-red thermometer to try to determine at what exact temperature the eggs should be cooked. All attempts with the thermometer have been fruitless. Randomly, one day we just happened to use coconut oil instead, and the eggs just slid right off the pan. Last week I was even able to make an over-easy egg pancake and the entire thing came off the pan intact.

ok, kind of a gross pic. (FYI this was a shared breakfast)