On our way home from brunch this morning, family and I stopped in to WholeFoods to purchase some veggies to complement our dinner tonight. We were originally going to cook the frozen chicken in our freezer, but to our delight, there was a sale on wild Alaskan King Salmon for this weekend only! Naturally, being from Seattle, we had to purchase (although the sale price was not all that cheap, it was still much better than the usual exorbitant East Coast prices we normally find) and amend our plans.

Noah cooked tonight, and the salmon was cooked perfectly in a lemon-butter-dill sauce (which reminded me of home), and he also sauteed some red cabbage (which I always find soothing) and baked soft, yummy yams (which my mom always made on cold winter nights). Given the cold fall, almost wintry weather of late, this was a very welcome meal! I think it actually may have helped me welcome the new season of coldness and the lovely steaming stews, warm cups of tea and bundled up, cozy goodness to come.